Altoids Mango Sours for Sale

Altoids Mango Sours is extremely bitter, colorful crystalline-searching real pleasure and sweets that created you pucker your lips that the mouth went to fall-off. They arrived in reusable cans, plus they are everything.

They are well-known due to their oddly compelling mints. Powerful in taste, in a circular container, the mints and highlighted various fruit tastes, including Apple, calcium, pear, strawberry, and tangerine. The cans maintain 1.76 ounces of the chocolate, which means about 50 items per container. Much more look for the cans which are factory closed and full of chocolate though vacant Altoids Mango Sours create for common collector’s products.

Another product that’s no further in production but is wanted by certainly will delight enthusiasts and lovers is Altoids Gum. This glucose-free gum highlighted numerous various tastes, including nutmeg, peppermint, and sour cherry in addition to sour apple and wintergreen. However, in manufacturing or stopped, Altoids products are the area of the big stock on eBay. If you should be searching for powerful tastes that are odd, whether gum, pieces, or mints, Altoids delivers.

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Altoids Sours hit the industry in 2004 and arrived in five flavors: strawberry, calcium, apple, tangerine, and pear (and anybody who understood their material understood that tangerine was the very best). These were unceremoniously stopped in March of 2010. If you should be truly devoted, you can in fact still get cans of these such as this one in niche chocolate shops, and they are not almost as costly there as they are on eBay.

Speculation is growing about the laid-off production of Altoids Mango Sours. They are among the tastes that are tougher to find. These mints, therefore, are probably the many addictive mints available on the market and possess a delicious strange flavor.

Altoids Mango SoursAltoids Mango Sours for Sale